Friday, April 06, 2007
It's Been Way Too Long
It's been SO long that I can't even recall where I left off or where to begin again. The quick rundown: I do have a job, now. It's a real one, where I go into the office and sit at a computer and look busy as much as possible. I'm still working with the developmentally disabled, just in a very wealthy part of Michigan (there are about eight towns left in Michigan that one could consider wealthy--the rest are merely hanging on for dear life).

I have made two new friends who also happen to share a love of knitting and a love of cynicism.

My husband is often travelling, leaving me alone to learn how to play my new guitar.This is my new guitar. It is a custom guitar from Daisy Rocks. I don't really know what that means, but I know fingers hurt. And I can really bang out some songs on the D chord and the G chord. And if you are a chick and want to learn how to play guitar, I recommend the Daisy Rock brand. The stems are thinner, making it easier on our smaller, more delicate hands. Also: the guitars themselves are frickin' chic. Girls need chic.

I also spend plenty of time enhancing my hand-eye coordination via video games.

My grandmother was put in a nursing home for awhile, but is coming around and will be leaving there for her own home all on the eve of her 90th birthday.

My cat remains utterly insane. And cute.

My new secret diet requires me to repeat in my head everyday the magic words: I want to look good naked. I may be wrong, but I think it's working.

I am happy with my life. And that keeps me from writing. Too bad, really, since I want to write so much, and stay on top of the blogworld. But my days just keep getting shorter, and it's difficult to spend time in front of a computer when I could be doing so many other things. I don't have the time for introspection that I would like, but I can't complain when so many good things seem to be happening all the time.

And now, to shower and go to work.
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