Tuesday, January 23, 2007
I Was Going to Be Funny...
...but then I read about James Dobson through Tits McGee's blog. And I.Just.Got.Angry.

My dear friend Liz was relaying a story to me about a wedding she just attended. In the wedding, one of the groomsmen happened to be gay, and his partner decided to stand up with the brides' maids, which I thought was just touching.

Liz stated that during dinner, another couple made heavy 'Tsk-ing' noises about 'the gays' and 'the gays wanting to get married' and how 'unnatural' the whole situation was, and what threats homosexuality posed to children, and how God does not want children to be raised in an unsanctified and Satanic union.

Interestingly enough, the woman in this couple was very pregnant, and later confessed that she and her husband's first pregnancy had resulted in a shotgun wedding. A year later, the couple separated with intentions of divorcing, but somehow wound up in the sack again, resulting in another (unwanted) pregnancy, so they're going to try to 'work out their marriage'. Hmm. Looks like another winning combination of factors for Heterosexual Marriage in America!

I will not continue this rant, as it is obvious where it is going. However, I just want to throw in that Michael's ex's sister was married to a Promise Keeper. He also had a girlfriend on the side and several unexplained nights out on the town.

The funny thing I was GOING to post was:
Breastfeeding: If you're old enough to ask for momma's milk, you're too old.
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