Saturday, December 17, 2005
A Very Unhappy Squirrel
Chapter One

After returning home from visiting a client in the field, Michael and I finally got around to thinking about getting a Christmas Tree. After all, even Fritz can catch a bit of the holiday spirit. So, after watching a bit of the Speed channel and oogling the super-fast cars, we schlepped off in the Scion of My-on to find the perfect tree.

Chapter Two

I convinced Michael to pull off at the 'Soldiers of the Cross' tree site. There was something oddly appealing about the gaggle of poorly dressed children racing through the trees and laughing. Even more appealing was the lack of a crowd and a very sturdy selection of live trees. Ah. The perfect tree!

Chapter Three

And as I look about, Michael says, "I like this one." So, 'round I turn to investigate a plump and hearty fir.
"Yes!" I say. "Let's get it!"
"Well," he said, "Why don't you look through it to make sure it's okay?"
And so I do, and there, amongst the branches, I spot a box.
"Someone left a box in here!" I say as I pull out the gray suede box.
I look at Michael and he shrugs.
I open the box.

Michael gets down on one knee. I'm laughing and crying and staring at the ring, and look down at Michael. He's crying, too. Smiling, he asks me, "Will you marry me?" And I begin to cry and laugh even harder.

There is a smattering of applause.
Of course, I say "Yes!"

Chapter Four

I call all four of my friends. No one is home. I leave messages. I call my mother, who laughs in excitement. Michael calls his parents and his best friend.
"Welcome to the family," is what his mother says.
"Give him my love," is what my mother says.
We are engaged.


Chapter Five

While shopping for a 'Wedding Destination' magazine, I tell the store clerk the story of our engagement. (Since my friends are remarkably absent today, I've taken it upon myself to tell absolutely every stranger I encounter of my wonderful proposal story). The clerk laughs and tells us, "Congratulations!"

And then, he says: "Somewhere in a forest, far away, there is a very unhappy squirrel!"
Michael and I laugh, and I thank God for the squirrel that nestled away his sweetheart's ring, and kept it safe in a Christmas Tree. For Michael discovered it, and with great pride and wonder and love, he proposed to me.

And I said, "Yes."

Chapter Six

My God, I am in love and still in shock. Part of me can't believe it's HAPPENED! Part of me has known the answer since the third month of dating Michael. And part of me has known for my entire life. Miracles really do come true.
Oh, Michael. To you, I will always reply, "Yes."

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