Friday, December 16, 2005
The Disaffection of Gen Y
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The goals for my generation are overwhelming. We have a lot of crap to clean up. Our parents dutifully sent us to learning institutions where we filled our heads with information, only to enter a world that no longer plays by the rules of humanities and liberal arts studies. Some of us were aware enough of this to avoid college altogether and find salaried jobs, anyway. Many of us looked about the world and did not see a niche, and so, created a solitary existence, dwelling behind computer screens and pushing buttons for entertainment.

We are stifled away in the suburbs, most of us wishing we lived elsewhere but unmotivated to seek adventure. We are like trailers--designed to travel, but unhitched to any vehicle. Stationary, yes, but never breaking down.

The 'adults' who hire us are wary of this disaffected nature. Beyond the typical fear of youth and what it means for older generations' loss of power, today's Gen Y-er is threatening for her cynicism. She isn't afraid of speaking her mind, because she knows well such talk will never impact her environment. After all, what hasn't been said before? What knowledge does she possess to change these rigid Baby-Boomers?

My previous employer in particular was a staunchly conservative woman. She regarded appearance as utmost importance--when I showed up with hair extensions and one very stable black wardrobe, she was offended. She felt that my work alone could not represent me--indeed, my very appearance was a blur on the office. She remonstrated me about 'the youth' going to all sorts of measures to 'express themselves'. Apparently, this was malignant at worst, and unprofessional in the least. I believe that my very nature in the office led to my separation of duties. I believe my Gen Why? attitude kept her hackles up, and my very opinionated, educated mind was even more of a threat. So, when I made a legitimate mistake, she felt she was justified (as other Baby Boomers in the agency) to take away my voice. It is exactly this rift in the generations I speak of--while she was threatened by my opinion, and nervous of how it would reflect upon her, I was despondent of her threats and insinuations.

At the end of the day, no individual is a slave to labels unless she allows herself. I believe my employer was a slave to a dying ideology. I believe I am unfettered by the appearances and semi-truths of others; indeed, this may be a downfall. I don't care to worry about tattoos, hairstyles, piercings, or other off-color affectations, because I don't believe any of that truly makes a difference in one's belief--much the same, I don't necessarily think my incessant blogging and speech making will make any impact upon those who take the time to listen. I am a Jen Whyer. I have taken much time crafting an existence of shoulder-shrugging and slumping. I have seen the Baby Boomers screw everything up and then create Presidents and leaders who are worthless and quite possibly immoral. These institutions are cherished by people like my previous employer--they have not yet realized the country they've created is one of menial importance. These values--liberty, education, life, pursuit of happiness--have somehow translated into a mortgaged home in the suburbs, the right pair of shoes, the right car, the right kind of children (mere possessions). The Baby Boomers--even those who became hippies--abandoned the following generations in a great abyss of apathy.

And so, thanks to the Philistine ideology of previous people, I lead a life of the perpetual blank slate. The words scratched out are erased tomorrow; I am dispensable, incorrigible, derogatory, cynical, aggressive, crazy. I am the Gen Y-er, and I am perfectly content to sit back and watch the rest of the world fuck itself up.

Besides, what difference can I make?
Written by FRITZ
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