Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lions don't DRINK tea. What are they trying to do--make lions out to be intellectuals?
Don't answer the doorbell with Eucerin cream spread all over your lips and your boyfriend calling your name from the bedroom.
Why are there Braille pads on drive-up ATMS?
The next time I have a dream about Spinning Girl being a Russian Spy, I'm quitting the blog.
Equally as strange, the next time I dream about giving birth to a baby with an afro and an attitude, I will stop watching My Name Is Earl.
When departing the escalator, please move to the side to discuss shopping plans. Otherwise, I WILL trip at the top.
To the girl in college who went through my underwear drawer and took pictures: why?
Every time I change the catbox, no matter what, the cat will scamper in half-way through the task and let one loose. While I'm standing there.
One name is good. Why did Duran Duran feel the need to repeat themselves?
Where are the Alicia Silverstone's of yesteryear?
When I feel mentally stable and happy, does that really mean I need to go back to therapy?
Man, the X-Files totally blow without David Duchovny.
I never have to date a loser again.
Written by FRITZ
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