Tuesday, August 30, 2005
An Old Friend Came By to See Me
I'd just gotten off work and went out on the porch to smoke. Guess who I found hanging out? None other than Tomm Catt. He's a good buddy of mine that has taken several motorcycle trips with me. We've been all over Georgia together, but he heard about the new man in my life and vacated for awhile. You know. The way cats do.

Anyway, I let him come in and look around the new place. He got comfortable here quite quickly.

Of course, it had been awhile since he had had a karma cleansing, so we both meditated for awhile and then, Tomm practiced some Zen, which was very relaxing.

Delilah and Tomm spent a lot of time chatting it up. I think they planned a date, but I'm going to be talking Tomm out of it, since she's known to bite things and people, alike.

After some conversation, wine, and reading, Tomm and I considered the state of things. All in all, life looks pretty decent from here, if only we could just get some R&R.
Written by FRITZ
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