Friday, August 26, 2005
Inquisition Part...Who Knows?
I've been tagged to answer five questions, posed by Kitty. Of course, I screwed up and put the answers on her blog instead of mine. So, now, the format is all wierd or whatever. Just read through it, I don't know.

If you want a quiz, make a wisecrack. Otherwise, I don't expect anyone to read my Eeyore blog. So, there. Nahy.

Fritz, your questions are:

1. What is your favorite movie and why?

2. If you were given the choice of the blue pill or the red pill, as in the Matrix, which would you take? Blissful ignorance or harsh reality?

3. Do you believe that you are real, and if so, how would you prove it?

4. If you could go back in time to correct a mistake, would you and what mistake would you correct?

5. If you wrote a book, to whom would you dedicate it?

1. My favorite movie is American Beauty. It's darkly humorous, with a wonderful philosophical slant to it. The scene where Kevin Spacey dies is incredible. It is a life-affirming movie. Plus, there's that part when the daughter screams at her friend, "You'll never understand us because you're just too...perfect!" and the blonde chick yells back, "At least I'm not ugly!" and the boyfriend says to her, "Yes, you are, on the inside, because you know you are just ordinary." And that's the whole point of the movie, in a way. Beauty is in the ordinary. Take a chance. See it everyday, because we only have this tiny little bit of time on Earth.

2. I'm taking the red. It's harder to live in the real world. It's harder to know the truth. But it is essential to human development. It is evolution. Gimmee Zion.

3. Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am". This was quite a summation of intellect. I don't want to copy it, but there it is. I must be real, because even if all the events that surround me are nothing but wisps and images, I am still making decisions, living out my life, seeing consequences. Whether I dream or not, I do act upon intellect (or lack thereof). I am real because I am one with the Great Other (God, you, the world, everyone). However, the other question to ask is: If I am not real, then is history, in fact, real? Ontologically speaking, I mean. Oh, God Bless those stupid philosophy classes...

4. A mistake to correct: Oh, Lord. Just one? But there are so many! See, the thing is, all those mistakes I made...I wouldn't be sitting here, now, with this life I have...oh, wait. I've got an answer...Taking the job with the Georgia Department of Corrections. No, because if that was so, I would not have met you and other friends. Hmmm. I don't regret things I've done, even when I was wrong. Because I learned from them.

5. If I wrote a book (that would be dreamy), I would dedicate it to: my father for instilling discipline, my mother for instilling faith, my friends for instilling support, Michael for instilling love, and Father Schultenover, a teacher at Creighton, for being an inspiration of humanity. And Delilah. Of course.

Written by FRITZ
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