Thursday, July 06, 2006

U.S. Military Dead in Iraq: 2540
U.S. Military wounded and not returned to war within 72 hours: 8560
Iraq Body Count Max: 43269

No, really. Let's all just go back to shopping at Wal-Mart. Please. Continue. Life will go on uninterrupted. Don't worry. We're winning. We're totally and completely secure in our actions in Iraq.

Everything is fine.

Everything is great.

When you see the mothers pouring their sorrow into the streets, look away. They sacrificed for the greater good. Their losses will be compensated in our strong economy and our strong faith in God. When you see a 22 year old veteran, praise him. Tell him 'Thank You for Sacrificing Your Legs in a Car Bomb. Please don't drain our welfare system now that you are suicidal.' Support your troops. Be pleasant to them until it is too difficult to see them. Pass them by if it becomes...uncomfortable.

When the mothers pour out their sorrows at the Capitol, shun them. They've gone too far, then. Silence them. Ignore them. They are not helping morale.

When you see uniformed children boarding planes at the airport, salute them and smile. Be happy for them. Congratulate their parents on raising such fine citizens. This is okay. Do NOT support anyone who questions her child's role in the Iraqi resettlement. That is reprehensible.

And when you see the fresh graves smattered here and there in your city's federal cemetary, look away. We beg you. Look away.

Click on photo for more info. on how the USA is trying to keep us from seeing the numbers of coffins coming back from Iraq.

Or: Go here for a list of names of the dead.
And remember them.

Written by FRITZ
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