Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Gimmee a B! Gimmee a R! Gimmee a O!... Oh, hell, I've got Bronchitis
A cute bronchitis, that is. It's snuggly and fuzzy and leaves little mucus trails all over my lungs.

This is why one should never ever smoke. A head cold can become a....KILLER.

The doctor actually told me (that is, this is what I heard between wheezes) that people have died...DIED...from bronchitis. Okay, great. Tell a freakin' hypochondriac that she's gonna die from the wheezing.

For my trouble, I got a breathing treatment, a shot in the ass, and four prescriptions. I'm on so many steroids I can bench press a Braves baseball player right now. I've got some codeine, some big ole' horse pill antibiotics, and an inhaler. Used in conjunction with a toilet paper roll, I'm reminded of college--exhaling pot smoke through dryer sheets stuffed in a cardboard roll. Not only does it mask the smell of pot, but it freshens your room as well.

Anyway. I have an official reason to be out of commission. Plus, I'm knitting.
Written by FRITZ
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