Monday, June 19, 2006
What I Did This Weekend
In list format:

-Knit, knit, ripped, and knit
-finished a surprise for Spinning Girl
-blew nose
-wished a hundred thousand times that head colds become something of the past
-dreaded Monday (today)
-dreaded work (today)
-got antsy about the wedding
-got antsier about preparing for a bridal shower (people buy stuff? for me? just because I'm getting hitched? it seems pompous and nice all at once)
-brushed my teeth a gazillion times to get that TASTE of PHLEGM out of my mouth. This tactic failed
-discovered LibriVox
-listened to The Wind in the Willows on LibriVox
-watched Michael putter with his new vehicle.

-Ordered a Confederate Flag for him to wave from Rex, our new monstrosity

-I'm totally kidding about the Confederate Flag. Oh, it's funny. We live by one of those historic battlefields of the Civil War. These are a dime a dozen in the South, which is hilarious, because up North, they've all been paved over for highways and Perkins' restaurants. Anyway, it's a hoot to drive by the Kennesaw Battlefield during one of the Civil War ReEnactments and scream out the window, "WE WON. GET OVER IT!" I swear, someone tried to throw a duplicated saber at us. Someone else yelled, "CONFOUND YOU, UNIONISTS!"

-God. The South. Could someone please get me a job up North where people are normal and the weather has four seasons?

Written by FRITZ
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