Monday, May 29, 2006
This is a Request
Dear Sun:

Please go away. Today,the temperature was over 90 degrees and I do not do well in the heat. I am of Northern European descent. No, I do not think I am superior to anyone despite the fact that I am naturally blonde with chameleon colored eyes and sturdy bone structure. In fact, I am learning that I am weak, nay, sickly, in this heat. I melt. I get a headache. I get a stomachache. I dream of golden showers. No, wait. Just showers. I dream of showers.

It has not rained for about five days. It is too hot. Everything is wilting in the humidity. How can it be so humid and not rain? How can I still be sweating when my thermometer in the apartment is reading 67 degrees? And WHY did we buy leather furniture? I am sticking to every inch of dead cow, and I am coming away from the furniture with a 'squelch' sound. It's rather icky.

In other news: Michael and I have reached a conclusion. There has to be some kind of additive in popcorn--especially the microwave variety. We hate the popcorn. The popcorn gets stuck in our sad gums. The popcorn lodges in our throats. The popcorn falls into the sofa. The popcorn is dry and dull. Yet, we eat the popcorn.

The popcorn is trying to kill us.

In closing, this could be possibly the dullest entry I have made in...well, a matter of days. Yes, sir, we have no imaginations.

Thank You,
Written by FRITZ
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