Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Holy Crap! It's my Freakin' Birthday!
...and this is the email I got from Michael:

"My Muse
I want to breathe you in my dreams
and embrace all that glimmers in your eyes

I want to be a snowflake
falling with you melting with you

You are my Rainbow
So beautiful wanting to touch and keep forever

I can recall your softness, and those quiet nights
when we felt each other close just being together

You will never be alone now
Do you still feel my hands reaching for you
in the stillness of night?

You are my love
You are my life
You make me breathe from the darkness that once was
Now I have light.

Happy Birthday

I love you!"

I really don't need anything else for my birthday. That poem says it all. So, I'm crying a little when I read this next email from Michael:

"Today, wake up, grab some Coffee maybe a little treat from you favorite Starbucks.

Knit for a little, maybe nap a bit
About noon
Take a long hot shower
Turn on the Hot rollers
Your new skirt and a pretty top
Blind fold from (adjective I won't repeat) drawer but don’t put it on just yet.
Michael will be home to wisk you away for an early treat @1pm but you will not see."

Then! Tits McGee sent me this really wonderfully scary birthday greeting. In her own words, it's CRAPTASTIC.

Michael also showered me with gifts. I received:
"The Aristocrats" DVD.
Dove shower lotion.
Giradelli chocolate
Vanilla Nut Coffee
'Romance' perfume.
Stitch N' Bitch--volume one
A Barbie Bag. Barbie. My favorite.

Let's not forget the generous and gorgeous gift of yarn from Stuntmother (thank you again, dearie).

And let's not forget to ultimately thank Mother Life, who's letting me live another year, despite my motorcycling, cigarette smoking behavior.

It's my birthday, folks. Drink some coffee and think of me.
I'm 27 today.

Post Script: Another wonderful birthday present, from Spinning Girl, my Arachnae, my Athena, my soul-sister. To what do I owe the honor? I love you, S.G.
Written by FRITZ
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