Sunday, March 12, 2006
Going Out on A Limb
"Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest of violence."
Francis Jeffrey

If I offend anyone of my dear blogging friends in this post, I apologize upfront.

Has anyone seen that show Black:White? It's produced by Ice Cube. A white family and a black family live together and go through exaggerated make-up to look the part of the opposite race. The show documents their experiences of being that other color. Initially, I was enthralled with this idea. Then, I watched a bit more closely. What I've determined is these shows will do nothing to balance out the racism in this country. Why? Because the white father who dresses as a black man repeatedly says, "I am not being treated any differently as a black man than as a white man." And the rest of the show is really pissed off about this.

Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. So, this white dude from Santa Clara is experiencing life as a black man, and not feeling threatened at all by the rest of society. This pisses off the black family. Shouldn't they be happy about this? But the show continues to highlight how 'arrogant' the white dude is. The show zeroes in on black people in focus groups saying, "I'll always feel inferior," and the two white people in another focus group who say, "I feel like I need to wash my hands after shaking with a black person."

What the hell? Who actually thinks this is fair? It's bullshit, is what it is.

I can say this as another member of a minority group: as a woman. I'm sick and tired of all this politically correct crap about race. I live in the Deep South, where it's almost a sin to say anything along these lines because so many African-Americans are so upset about their history. Fair enough. I understand that years of oppression beginning in being taken against your will from your motherland can kinda hit a sour note. I understand that some white dumbass is still out there, talking about niggers and hanging people from nooses. I also understand that not ALL black people are given fair chance. I know that more black men sit on death row than white. I know these things, and I know they are not right.

I also know that if you get scholarships up the ying-yang to succeed, and you DO succeed, you need to stop bitching about race and life and unfairness. If you are a professional black woman working in a Probation Office, do not call me a honky to my face and think it's OK since you're black. If everything you touch turns to gold, then obviously you need to help those of your race who are afflicted with the true consequences of racism. We can all work together to alleviate these crimes. But you cannot hold me responsible for them, and you can't blame me if I see life a bit differently than you.

Also: please do not expect me to speak Spanish. I tried to learn it in college. It didn't take. On the other hand, I don't expect you to speak German, Gaelic, or French. Please be able to speak with me in the tongue most of us are familiar with. When your vernacular improves, perhaps I will learn more about your language. I respect your differences, and love the fact you speak another language. But I would merely like a cup of coffee with no sugar in it. If you do not understand this, then perhaps you should not be working the fast food drive-through window.

Another perfect example of reverse racism. Thanks a lot to the asshole who drew this. You racist son of a bitch.

Written by FRITZ
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