Friday, February 03, 2006
Someone Grabbed My Butt

Eighth grade. Kross-Kolor jeans--bright green. The bell rang and we're headed for the bus. Kids swarming the doors. I'm shrinking down in order to avoid being elbowed or recognized by bullies (for some reason, I don't think the fluorescent putrid green pants won't betray my location). Just a few more feet and I can head to the safety of the schoolbus, where I sit behind the driver in order to duck swats and pecks from the bullies on the bus.

I see the bus. I'm almost there. Suddenly, there is a hand on my ass. It pinches--hard.
I spin around to see about five guys staring at me and laughing, and the butt-grabber is blushing.
"WoooHoooo!" he screams. They run off.

This is probably the single most memorable passage into womanhood for me.
Some wierdo grabbed my butt.

Man, it feels good to be a woman.
Written by FRITZ
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