Wednesday, February 01, 2006
My Crushes
America is too stuffy about sexuality. We're all hung up on 'morality' and 'decency' and 'heterosexuality' that we forget the Kinsey scale...very rarely is someone completely heterosexuality or homosexual. We're all a bit of both; most of us tend to stay to one or the other side of the scale, but there are times when we bend over the curve to the other side.
I preface this particular post with this explanation because of the following women, I do NOT have a sexual crush on any of them. I am simply enamoured of them. I shall call them my 'women crushes'...women with which I could lunch, or shop, or gossip.
In no particular order, I present my women crushes:

1. Stacy London. She's funny. She's nasal. She's like Fran Drescher with an awesome wardrobe. She makes no excuses for her love of high heels, and probably ignores mothers and doctors who tell her she will pay with a bad back and ugly feet in years to come. She is a fag hag, and a good one, too. She owns two cats. She has a double major in German and philosophy. This is not a woman to mess with; if a woman can actually afford Christian Louboutin shoes on her own salary, then she is empowered, cool, and ultimately brilliant. Stacy--let's do lunch.

2. Hillary Clinton. I don't want to like her because she's too much of a 'star' amongst the Democrats, and has some off-the-wall kooky ideas. However, I have to admire this woman for always remaining a lady, for rolling her eyes at President Bush, for publically speaking out against the detrimental state of the Nation. I have to admire her for being vocal, adamant, and far more intellectual than her husband (probably). Of course, I also have to admire her for her strength during the Lewinskygate, and I have to admire her overt Mother Bear characteristics. Hillary Clinton may not be the answer to all of America's problems, but I think she's a good start and a strong lady. Hey, about high tea at the Ritz?

3. Queen Rania of Jordan. Yes, she's gorgeous. Yes, she's thin. Yes, she's upper class. She is also kind. She is a representative for women of her country that are oppressed. She is wise and giving. She knows that her duty as queen is not a luxury ride to the top (like President Bush). She knows that carrying an authorative title is a duty and responsibility to her people. She knows that if she does not look out for her people, then she is betraying her crown. Queen Rania-meet me at the department store for a free makeover!

I'm sure I'll think of some more, but I've just gotten an alert from E-bay about a Kate Spade purse I'm trying to purchase...
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