Wednesday, October 12, 2005
To Revisit Physics and God
Firstly, I want to go back to that post I did about atoms and Moby and God. Two very smart individuals kind of tore down what I was saying because they know a lot more about atoms and science than I will ever hope to know. However, I felt I must revisit this post after some further enlightenment and a renewed interest in Karl Rahner, the transcendentalists who made it cool to be Catholic (Vatican II).

Someone was kind enough to point out that I wasn't really very specific in my argument about what humans are and how we are alike to stars. I didn't (and don't) know all the ins and outs of physics, so I couldn't quite articulate what I meant to say. But now I know what I mean to say, because I watched NOVA, and thanks to Einstein, I am on the right track again.

Einstein said Faraday's proposition of the speed of light was correct. If a human and light were going at the same speed, the human would still not be able to keep up with the light. So, if I was traveling at the speed of light with a hand mirror, I would look into the mirror but see nothing, because the light would not be reflecting back. I would become invisible. Right, okay, sure. That's fine and dandy. But when I am going to travel at the speed of light? It would make me a little nauseous.

Remember what I said about how we are all made of stars? Well, I was essentially correct in a manner of speaking. Look: Einstein says E=Mc^2, right? Energy =mass times the speed of light (squared). But remember what 'reverse' experiments do, as well. If we try to add more neutrons to a nucleus of one atom, that atom does not become heavier (necessarily). It breaks into two different atoms. AND WHEN IT BREAKS, ENERGY IS RELEASED. And that's the splitting of atoms. SO: when we break apart matter (very, very dense matter) we get energy. Right?

What's the point, Fritz? Well, I'll tell you. Science and religion can be reconciled. Humans and animals and the chair I'm sitting on could feasibly be SPLIT into energy. It is this kind of split that caused the Big Bang. It is the answer to God's mystery.

Now, going back to that silly German, Rahner:
Don't try to read any of his stuff unless you are fluent in German. The translation is quite poor, but I have been fortunate enough to go to a college taught by other German Jesuits who could re-interpret the translation for me. Otherwise, it sounds like a bunch of hoo-hah, and that has nothing to do with Monkey.

Here is the one of the profound Rahner statements I read in all of Foundations of Christian Faith: "All clear understanding is grounded in the darkness of God". Meditating, meditating, can't quite get it, can't quite get it: AHA!

We must begin in darkness (ie: Black Hole?). We must understand the world as a ball of blackness, in which we must decipher things inductively, beginning with the smallest and working forward, gaining slowly upon the existence of God, the transcendent mystery of the Holy. Religion often asks us to make a leap of faith, and the scientist queries, "How can I believe in something that cannot be substantiated?"

Let us examine the String Theory (as defined by PBS): string theory: unified theory of the universe postulating that fundamental ingredients of nature are not zero-dimensional point particles but tiny one-dimensional filaments called strings. String theory harmoniously unites quantum mechanics and general relativity, the previously known laws of the small and the large, that are otherwise incompatible. Often short for superstring theory.

The String Theory postulates (not seen, felt, heard, smelled) that tiny bits of dimensional matter get together and SOLVE the problem of two otherwise incompatible measures of the universe. I ask the scientist, "Prove it." And he says, "I'm working on that."

When someone asks me to prove God's existence, I tell them, "I'm working on that." But meanwhile, I am in the dark of the space, and I am coming to a clear inductive understanding of God. Rahner and Einstein are both right. It is a mystery, but it is a relational mystery. The universe, the stars, the tiny bits that make us up, the protons, neutrons, electrons, the uncorrelated matter and the magnetized matter, the tiny explosions of energy in our brains to the great nuclear explosion of the Sun is all proof of God and Science. The two can be completely reconciled to one another, as long as we start in the dark and work toward that perfectly clear understanding. And when the Scientist and the Faithful finally find that understanding, the light may be moving so fast, that it becomes invisible. And there will only be faith left. I think this is the nature of God and Existence.
Written by FRITZ
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