Sunday, October 09, 2005
The Quill Is Only So-So Compared to the Sword
Well, once again, I've borrowed from Spinning Girl. She has posted a series of letters she's written to corporations stealing money from her, or not being honest, or being schmucks, etc.

I know many of you may be surprised, but I have had occasion to write letters, myself. But I don't really pick on consumer related businesses. Oh, no. I go straight for the Government. Please read on.

Dear GA Senator:
I've never voted for you, and I never shall. However, I do hope that some vestige of humanity remains in your soul, so I am appealing to this broader sense I hope you still nourish. I am a Georgia employee, and also a smoker. Recently, Georgia has begun to penalize its State employees by charging them an additional forty dollars a month for smoking on insurance that is already sorely expensive.
While I know that smoking is certainly not advantageous for my health, I must say I am appalled at the State of Georgia's reasoning behind this surcharge. I was given no opportunity to quit smoking, nor any warning of this surcharge. I was not offered a smoking-cessation course. Now, I must pay forty dollars on top of my usual insurance payments, but I have not received a raise in one year.
May I remind you that Georgia employees are responsible for the safety and well-being of other Georgia citizens? If the State cannot care for its employees, how can it care for its citizens?
Please respond as soon as possible.

[The response read: "Ms. Fritz: Please take this up with someone else. I'm not in charge of this kind of thing. Please vote for me. Thank you."]

I sent this same letter (in essence) to the Governer Sonny Perdue, a man who constantly says he 'cares' for State employees. His website confirmed a response within thirty days. No response came. I then heckled Human Resources, my insurance company, the legal department, and the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections. I wrote a letter to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (they didn't really care). The man I contacted in the legal department of GDC told me to quit emailing him. I told him I wanted an answer. I never got an answer. Or did I?

Two months later, the same man with the legal department fired me. Hmm.
I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.
Written by FRITZ
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