Sunday, October 02, 2005
First of all, I do want everyone to know I won't be insulted if you click 'mute' on the video at the bottom of the page after hearing this song "We are all Made of Stars" loop about three or four times.
Second of all, I also realize that Moby has almost hit that 'played-out, weird Vegan who just won't let go' state. Anyone thinkin' Michael Stipe from R.E.M.?
So, why the song?

Well, actually, it's pretty damn brilliant, in my book.

It's Sunday, so we have to go to a new level of thinking. It's my idea of church.
If we think about atoms, the basic element of all existence, we grasp onto the most simple and complex idea ever.
Here is this element that is mostly empty space. An atom is energy personified. It is created with negative and positive charges rotating around a nucleus, a centerpoint, a gravity source. When these atoms get together in certain patterns, we've got more 'STUFF'. But remember, the STUFF is just empty space with pulses of energy. The STUFF is only differentiated by the patterns holding the atoms together. So, we get nice simple things like: hydrogen, carbon, lithium...
Hydrogen is the simplest atom out there. Of course, we know that two of these plus one oxygen equals water. Water is the base form of humans. Water is based in hydrogen. A=B=A.
Oh, my brain gets so excited, and that's cool, too, because the matter of the brain is 80% water. So, a whole bunch of electrified water is pulsing through my cranium, which is formed from tissue in the womb, a watery sack.
So, if we're basically made out of seven atoms (the same seven that erupted after the Big Bang), then HOW in the world can it all line up so differently?
How come my hips are big but my brain is of average size?
How come my hair, which is the same stuff as Michael's, is blond and his is brown?

When humans die, and the energy stops pulsing, we emit gases which are then used in the environment to replenish other elements, atoms, and cells. We water the graves and burn hot, like stars.

And stars? What are stars? Why, nothing more than carbon and hydrogen diffusion and explosion. Energy, burning out, burning bright. Many of the stars we see in the sky are long dead, but still, that flicker of light remains. And I think we are made of stars, like Moby says, because we are created with the same STUFF of stars. We are physics in motion, we are energy fueled by nothing, we are Buddhists without realizing it, we are Christians without being confirmed, we are scientists of great experiments, we are gas, water, air, nothing, and everything.

We are the Big Bangs that are seldom recognized.

The next time you have a bad day, hold your hand out in front of you and watch the blood pulse through your veins. Stare into the mirror and look at the twinkle in your eyes. That's a star, my friend.

You are a star, burning bright, burning up the empty space of energy. The protostar of faith is just as far as your skin grows.

(If you can't stand this kind of writing, please let me know. My brain goes too fast and I think I lose people in this kind of diatribe).
Written by FRITZ
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