Thursday, October 13, 2005
Guess What??? IT'S HNT!!! And a Tattoo Meme

I'm getting braver and braver. I had to Photoshop a certain part of my anatomy out. That just would not be kosher, especially since my mother sees this blog and probably thinks I go too far, as it is...

Anyhoo...Subject: Third tattoo
When I Got It: Valentine's Day, 2004
Why: Tired of heart being broken
What does it say: 'Deceived'.
Doesn't that bug your boyfriend?: No
What's in the center of the heart?: A keyhole
What's that supposed to mean?: There is a key to my heart
What's the next tattoo gonna be?: On the other ribcage, I am going to have a key done, with the words 'Faith Restored' embellished around it in the same manner of the heart...
Don't you worry about what it's going to look like at age 80?: 1. If I spent all of my time worrying about what I looked like at 80, then I would have some real insecurities. 2. I might not even be alive then.
Did it hurt?: This is probably the most intense tattoo I've gotten. It was directly on the ribcage, right over bone. Even on me, there isn't a lot of padding there. So, yes, this one hurt a lot. It is also a rite of passage for me; our culture doesn't embrace rites the way other cultures do. It meant a lot for me to endure the pain of this tattoo, especially since it is so beautiful.
General Info: This tattoo and most of my tattoos are done in the traditional style of tattoos, although I appreciate many forms. However, I intend to stick to traditional style as I go on filling up my back, because it is the style begun in America. Traditional style is heavy black outlining with shading of black and primary colors. Subjects are generally of loved ones, religious symbols and beliefs, and achievements. It's what the sailors and army men did on their arms and legs, and what the First Ladies of Tattooing did, as well.

HNT VENT: Because I Can...
While you're reading, I just want to say: I appreciate breasts just like everyone else does, especially mine. But I've been boinking around on other HNT sites and I AM REALLY SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING FAKE BOOBS AND GROSS NIPPLES. Stop it, ladies! It's not's SMUTTY. Besides, some of these boob jobs just gross me out. Plus, there's that whole vein issue...ick. I know I've got 'em, but I don't want to see yours. I know, I know, I could stop looking, but really, I thought HNT was about fun and just a little bit of elegance. Besides, real breasts of any size are MUCH more attractive than fake if you're a fake boobie HNTer and want to leave a comment, go for it. All I'm sayin' is: Be a Lady, not a Stripper-Wannabe.
End Rant.
Written by FRITZ
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