Thursday, September 29, 2005
"Eek! Eek!" Say the Mice

Evidence would support that some former coworkers have made some lovely “Anonymous” comments. I say “evidence would support” because I do not have actual proof these comments were, indeed, from said coworkers. I wouldn’t want to entrench myself in some Free Speech battle.

These are hilarious comments. I believe they were posted on ‘Beef With Anonymous’, and "Life of the Unemployed"

Why are they funny? Well, one, apparently some people have nothing better to do than keep their little eyes fastened to my blog, even though I don’t work there anymore. If I were such a worthless employee (as suggested), then why waste the time? I have an image in my head of people huddled around a computer at work checking my blog. This would be only too ironic. The fact is, people are probably waiting to go home and then taking the extra effort to check my blog, which simply means there is not enough decent television out in the world. I guess people are ‘checking’ up on my blog for human interest, perhaps? A mild tranquilizer to ease a bourgeoning caseload that burgeoned long before I came and left the office? A sense of greatness, to knock someone when she’s down? Someone to blame? Someone to use as a scape goat? Or am I giving these people too much credit? I think they just want to hurt my feelings, and get a reaction. Well, THAT, my friends, is called “dirty ball” fighting.

It’s also funny because they chose to remain Anonymous, meaning that they aren’t big enough to speak up for themselves and stand behind what they are saying. That’s a shame. Maybe they are afraid? Hmm. I find it interesting that I primarily got fired for having a big mouth. It didn’t have to do with much else; it had to do with my big mouth. One of my biggest complaints about that office was how unable people seemed to confront one another. No one went face to face with anyone else about problems. Everyone just danced around issues, rather like a group of—well, I would say children, but children express feelings in proactive ways. I, however, did face people on their own turf and ALSO apologized to people face to face. The only way to clear up an issue is to confront it. These ‘Anonymous’ folks are just proving yet another one of my points: “Cowards do not count in battle; they are there but not in it.” (Euripides).

Now, I’ve said in previous blogs that I made a mistake. I’m not unwilling to admit that. It was a subconscious thing, I’m sure, because I hated that job and had very little tolerance for some small-brained people I worked with. I’m pleased as pie not to work there anymore because as it turns out, brighter and better (paying) jobs are on the horizon. Thank Buddha and God.

Let’s take a gander at these posts, shall we?

1. “Maybe if you had done an honest job instead of cheating the State out of the money you were paid to work (when we ALL know you were not), you would not be in this situation. Who's to blame? Duh...Maybe God and Buddha would be pleased if you offered to reimburse the State of all the money you stole from them...”

Well, that can all go back to my second paragraph. I did work quite hard, but this isn’t a pissing contest with me, so, fine. This individual can point a finger at me for being ‘lazy’ and ‘cheating’ the State; I know what the truth is and so did the people that mattered. When Anonymous uses the word ‘ALL’, he discredits himself, for he is leaving no source of information. Of course, using generalized pronouns in most situations is quite dangerous and not well thought-out. I’m pretty sure I know of one or two people who would disagree with this statement. I’m also confident the State did not send me to Management training for being lazy. I don’t think the State gave me raises for being lazy. I can’t imagine the State consistently noting my hard work and giving me good reviews for being lazy. I can document these things, but Anonymous cannot. And, I think it important to say, I worked for four years at this job; even if I had ‘cheated’ the State, I did not ‘cheat’ as much as other employees have (and had). When we look higher up the bureaucratic ladder, we see the cheating get worse and worse…and that costs a lot more than me occasionally looking at my blog or bank account from my office desk. And then, we have a stab at my Theological beliefs, which is even better, because mocking one’s thought processes about religion is as childish as pointing at people who look ‘different’ from ‘normal’ in the street. Can my readers understand why I am nothing but relieved to be out of there? But I’m finished with this trite comment. Its speaker has discredited himself from the get-go by remaining Anonymous, using the word ‘ALL’ , and obviously overlooking the ‘lazy’ tendencies of other co-workers and

Now let’s move to comment two, a more fascinating one, in my book. I’m going to take it line by line.

“You should be really proud of yourself...”
Thank you, I am.
“ [Y]ou have caused an extraordinary hardship on some of your former co-workers,”
I remember apologizing to a certain manager about the extra work; apparently the message was not spread.
“who did not deserve to be assigned with extra work”
We rarely get what we deserve, do we? Or, I should say, we often have hardships that we don’t deserve. But that’s a rather Socialist comment that Anonymous #2 makes; the State has never attempted to be ‘fair’ in its workload, nor ‘recognizant’ of extra hard workers. “because you decided to be dishonest and play on your computer instead of doing the work you were hired to do...”
Again, this is not what fired me. Or, maybe it was, on the books. In any case, if I hadn’t been so mind-numbingly bored with my work and disgusted with some of my coworkers, I guess it wouldn’t have come to that. Let’s not talk about why’s and what-ifs. Let’s face the music, shall we? Yes, I did use the computer for things other than work…sometimes I played a bit of DinoBlast during my lunch hour. Yes, I did check my email. Yes, I did check my blog. Yes, I also did my work.
“You wanna talk about honesty?”
Please! Why isn’t our Speaker #2 honest about his/her identity?
“You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the ASS!!!”
And this comment, folks, I just don’t get. What? The last thing that bit me in the ass was my cat, and I was able to know what that was. Don't fret. I'm fine.

So, I believe I’ve thoroughly worked out my demons with these small minded people (who may or may not work where I used to work), and have come out feeling even better than before. However, for the sake of posterity, I shall be removing the “Anonymous” button from my comment section. That way, if people must truly be bold, and make a statement, they will have to be honest about themselves, first. I do not mind being critiqued—I think it is healthy for growth. I think it is unfortunate that my little challenging friends must stoop to this…following my blog four weeks after the fact, and making snide comments. But that’s their world, isn’t it? And mine is a lot brighter, and much broader than that.
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