Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The Life of the Unemployed
Because I am sure most of you are curious about the tedium of my day, I thought I would document it for you.
Try not to get too excited.
6am: Wake up with boyfriend
6:30 am: Make coffee
7-8am : Check blog
8-9am: Consider a shower
9am: Go to the unemployment office, showered or not. Stand in line for awhile.
10am: Drive back home on fumes because there is no money to put gas in car
10:30am: Check blog and email
11:00am: Eat a Lean Cuisine
11-11:30am: Watch recorded Family Guy
12:00: Call that place you want a job at, where you've left two resumes and two applications. Leave another voicemail.
12:15pm-3:00pm: Search internet for jobs, email resumes, fill out on-line applications, break printer.
3:00pm-3:30pm: Try to fix printer. Give up. Eat some hotdogs.
4:00pm-6pm: Check email, check blog, call boyfriend, leave a message.
Then, realize boyfriend won't be home until 9pm because he is working on car audio system at friend's house. Feel lonely.
6pm-6:30pm: Take a nap, but wake up shortly after because house is too quiet and cat is sleeping on left foot.
6:30pm: Dig through fridge. No food. No gas. No goody. Check blog.
7:30 pm: Check blog. Write a post.
8:00 pm: Go outside and smoke (again)
8:15 pm: Dig through couch. Find enough change to buy a pack of cigarettes. Realize all the books you placed on reserve are at the library, but you don't have gas to get there. Sigh in frustration. Go to gas station and get laughed at by high school punks.
9:00pm: Boyfriend still not home. Talk to cat for awhile. Turn on some music.
9:15 pm: Boyfriend gets home. Follow boyfriend around, asking questions about his work, his co-workers, his car, his friend. Boyfriend turns on television to quiet the background 20 questions.
10:00pm: Go to bed.
11:30 pm: Wake up. Check blog. Go back to bed.
2:00am: Repeat
4:00am: Repeat and pray the next day gets here quick, only to realize there is nothing to do but what you did the day before.

This is so depressing, I'm going to get to the nap early. You'll find me buried in afghans and kleenex...bawling my eyes out.
Written by FRITZ
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