Friday, September 28, 2007
Been Vacatin'
I needed a vacation.

And since I wasn't born with a silver spoon up my ass, I could only afford a two day trip up to Traverse City. It's a gorgeous part of Michigan, made even prettier by near-by attractions like the Sleeping Bear Dunes* and a hell of a lot of cherry orchards. Plus, the entire geography of Northern Michigan is inhabited by people who look like these dudes.

I would give you some pictures, but I actually shoot a film camera. Say it with me now: 'Ff-ei-lmm". It has to do with nickel and negatives and exposures and things that click and whir and light. It's not digital magic. My film is currently being sent off to Kodak or someplace that still develops the stuff. No,really. I shoot with fancy stuff. Do you know why I shoot with fancy stuff? Because I have fancy hair. Please take notice:

There are many things about myself that I dislike. My hair, however, is not one of those things. My hair is a sweet kiss of honey-wheat, and it's all natural. Yup. It's as natural as that little bald spot right in the center of my skull. To die for.

Anyway, when I wasn't taking pictures or stuffing my face with food, I was shopping for yarn. For those of you non-knitters, you must know that a knitter is always prowling for a local yarn store (LYS). I found a couple. Evidence: The best purchase? Easily, it was the 600 yards of alpaca. That's the brown stuff. It's not dyed or anything. Those cute little alpacas have gorgeous hair. I would like to own a herd of the little shits one day, but until then, I can fondle this, and pet it, and call it 'my pretty'.It says: Peruvian Tweed, The Heavenly Fiber. And it is, I assure you.

Besides, I am always on the prowl for yarn. Look at my stash! It's EMBARRASSING! Don't you think it's rather insulting? If you do think so, please email my husband and convince him of the meagerness of my yarn. I mean, really. How is anything productive going to come of this?

Feh. Must own more yarn.

In other news, I am now an official writer, as I am being paid for a piece of writing. Yes. A whole ten dollars. Details and linkage forthcoming.

Also, I am being featured in a Detroit local magazine, and not for exposing myself. Other details forthcoming.

I tell you, I am one fabulous knitting writer. Or one fantastic writing knitter. Or something. Hmph.

*If you want a sweet-crybaby read, go here to read about the origin of the name Sleeping Bear Dunes. Ach, it's fucking beautiful.
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