Tuesday, April 04, 2006
I'm too excited to come up with a title. Wanna know why? Because THIS is my new bike.

No, really, THIS is my new bike! It's got a big SOLD sticker on it and it's MY bike! All I have to do is sign the dotted line tomorrow, and it's mine! Yup. Lilith will be traded in for the newer, sleeker, lighter, brighter Charlene.

That's right, her name is Charlene, and she's my new ride. Don't drool, boys!

This is a Honda 599 (a 600cc class). She weighs about 450 pounds wet (as opposed to Lilith and her 600 pound bulk). Charlene's got about 90 horsepower and a full throttle of fun. Eventually, I'll be getting a slip-on exhaust for her (to make her growl and purr!) and doing some airbrushing on the tank.

Some Boring Stuff:
Even better: Charlene's interest rate is LOWER than Lilith's, so even with negative equity, I'll be making the SAME payment as I do currently on Lilith! Let's all thank our neighbor and finance manager John (I can't find a picture of him, so here's a picture of his bad-ass V-twin Aprila Mille R) over at WOW Motorcycles for making this possible.

Fritz has got a new motorcycle! YEEHAW!!

PS: Oh, and, uh, my boss told the executive director of the company for whom I work that out of fifty employees, I'm her NUMBER ONE SUPPORT COORDINATOR.

I mean, not to brag, or anything.

Hey, Georgia Department of Corrections (specifically Cherokee County Probation)??


(Fritz The Brat skips away merrily. Why does she deserve to have such a good run of luck with THAT attitude?) Posted by Picasa
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