Wednesday, September 21, 2005
An Ode to Lilith, My Motorcycle

Preface: I ride a black and purple Honda Shadow Aero 750. I have named her Lilith, and we are inseperable.

Do you know the story of Lilith? I will share it for you.

Ancient Judaism said Adam had a wife before Eve--Lilith. Lilith was old--older than Adam. Lilith was adored by the creatures. Lilith was strong and wise and noble. And, Lilith didn't like the way Adam fulfilled his manly duties. He didn't please her sexually. So Adam complained to God, and God smote Lilith and made her a dragon, or a snake. So, Lilith may or may not have borne Satan.

I hate this story, but it explains a lot, huh?

Of course, it is a wonderful metaphor for the Goddess religions that prevailed through cultures and histories long before the Male God got wind of them and started preaching HellFire. I know that ancient men were responsible for this, not God. But this is the story of Lilith, and so I named my motorcycle after her, because Lilith and I take no male riders, and flaunt men when we are out. She is my fierce mare, and she breathes hot fire. Don't mess with Lilith.

And Now, The Ode.

Upon two wheels I will sit
and make a face to all who glare
at my audacity--a woman and a motorcycle.
On two wheels, I have no pity
for any living thing, nor mercy, nor grace.
On two wheels, I respect only
the road, the long, curving road,
the granite, harsh road.
On two wheels, I am as lithe as a gymnast,
as fast as a missile, as aggressive as a tidal wave.
On two wheels, I am Alone
and Proud.

When I alight on the ground,
I remember my quiet place.
I do not look men in the eyes.
I do not make a peep.
When I alight on the ground,
I smile at children, say 'please' and 'thanks'.
When I alight on the ground,
all is generous.

On two wheels, I stop for no man,
nor speak from beneath my black helmet.
I only breathe the wet, wet wind
and lift my left arm in praise to the Earth,
and feel the grit sting my chest. I am singular.

Grasping black leather grips, throttle, brake,
clutch, and the whine of the engine
beneath my trunk,
I am at once free and captive of this machine,
this abrupt deviance from

the nice, sweet girl
everyone thinks
I am.
Written by FRITZ
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