Sunday, April 16, 2006
Happy Easter
Delilah Amelia had a few choice words to add to this post, but since this is a family holiday, I convinced her to restrain herself.

We're going over to The Grand Poo-Bah and Madame Fritz's house for dinner. It's an hour away. They are making us bring ice-cream.

I told them it would melt. But what do I know?

On the menu:
Veggie Quiches (made by moi--and they look pretty sad)
French Potatoes
Ice Cream

We are the wierdest family ever. Poor Michael has no idea what he's getting himself into. And he's never had lamb before. Mmm. Baby lamb. Representative of Christ being sacrificed, or the blood of lambs splashed on the doors of the Jews in Egypt when the Angel of Destruction came. Lovely. Christianity is so gentle, isn't it? Judaism is not far off the mark, either.

This Easter, I leave you with one thought (this will turn into many):

I propose that Christ did not die on the cross for our sins. I propose that he died on the cross to fully understand the pain of being human. I believe his death to be representative of the horror and anguish we put ourselves through, and his resurrection to be the symbol of our own forgiveness--the forgiveness of ourselves. I believe he died on the cross because God asked it of him, and he obeyed. The Crucifixion is more about faith and trust in a powerful God, and less about 'saving' any of us. We are all saved; we merely must stop putting ourselves and others on crosses. Whether we believe in God or not, we have a duty to be good to ourselves and each other. It is good actions that reclaim us for happiness (in this life or another). So, as we celebrate new life and spring, or weep for the death of Jesus, or say 'Alleluia! He is Risen, Indeed!' at church, I would ask you to think upon your own mini-crucifixions.

And I would ask that you put them aside, and love yourself for who you are. Then, we can all truly be resurrected, each day, in a new, meaningful, and tangible way.
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