Friday, March 03, 2006
Randomitivity Part Deuce
I sit around all day and the house doesn't get clean. Dammit.

I think have two real friends. I don't know anyone else.

I wake up twice a night to go smoke. I'm too lazy to put on underpants and since it is dark, I sit outside on the porch. Lately, the birdseed has been getting everywhere. Imagine my surprise as I made the bed this morning and found a sunflower seed in the sheets. What is even more surprising is that I have yet to shower today. I wonder if there are any more seeds hanging out?

Delilah A. is having a nervous breakdown, thanks to the birdfeeder on the porch. She has been spotted batting the glass. Because she cannot get outside, she has taken to destroying the venetian blinds hanging in the bedroom. Now hanging at a forty-five degree angle, I want to accesorize the blinds by duct taping them back together.

The downstairs neighbor dude has a sign stuck on his porch door. It reads, "This home is under video survelliance." I'm certain that should worry me.

He also has a hideous cat named Samson. My cat's name is Delilah. Is this fate?

I haven't read a book in ages. I blame all this neo-technical crap filling in the chinks of a poorly insulated society. That, and my lacking desire to pay my library fines.

I really need to call my 88 year old grandmother. What's really horrible is that sometimes I want to call her just to keep my mother from asking me, "Have you called your grandmother lately?"

I sent a postcard in to PostSecrets, but I'll never tell what it says.

I have a sinking feeling that Bush is going to continue to do horrible things and get away with it. Somewhere, there's a video of him flicking someone off and then shooting that someone point blank. Unfortunately, no one would want to hold him responsible for that, either.

I'm pretty sure Georgia doesn't give a flying crap about developmentally disabled citizens. I'm also pretty sure the Governor of Georgia should go hunting with Dick Cheney.
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