Tuesday, November 15, 2005
The Only Child Strikes Again

Man, am I a spoiled rotten little brat. For an early Christmas present, I got a toy for work and home. I got a laptop.

I've been using Michael's monster machine all this time, but this new job demanded my time on a computer even more than the blog. After some sweating and wire crossing, we realized life would just be easier if I had my own computer. Enter: COOL PARENTS.

Basically, I now have a laptop, wi-fi connection (I'm in the bedroom as I type this), a really cool printer/copier/scanner thingy, and a wireless mouse. Now, I don't mean to brag. All this stuff is so over my head that I still think it's magic. I'd like to keep thinking of it that way.

You can go back to your previously scheduled blogging, now. I just needed to say thanks to my awesome parents and utterly fabulous boyfriend. Thanks to them, Michael and I don't need to share his monster handbuilt computer and I can get my work done.
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