Friday, November 11, 2005
D.D. Names Her Dogs
I'm chillin' over at the Spinster's house, waiting for her ass to get ready so we can hit the field together (yeah, she got me this job and I'm grateful, but don't tell her, it'll go straight to her head).

Currently, she's brushing her teeth.

The Estrogen Fishbowl has three dogs. Three barreling, mischevious dogs. One of the dogs is really smelly, too, because he's old and has gas. There is also a ferrett (Stu Weasel, the Ferrett King). It gets a tad nuts over here.

I come over to make sure my Zoloft is working; if I stayed at my house, I would never know if it has any affect. It's nice and quiet at my house, except for Delilah Amelia, who suffers from bouts of insanity. But just bouts.

Ten minutes ago, the dogs started barking. For no apparent reason. They wouldn't shut it. So I'm typing in here, and Drunk Dialer is in the bathroom, and I hear her say, "SHUT UP!" The dogs do not cease their torrential cacaphony.

So then, I hear her call to her very OWN dog (not shared with the Lesbians), "DARBY ELAINE MERCEDES DOO! BE QUIET!"

This is the name of her dog.

Now, she's making fun of the way I say 'Shasta'. Like she should talk?
AND she's singing some Ani DiFranco song, but she doesn't know all the words.

I wish she would hurry up and get ready.
Written by FRITZ
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