Thursday, November 03, 2005
Sour grapes
Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond, R-Mo., a member of the Intelligence Committee, and other Republicans said if Democrats had wanted to take issue with Roberts about any delays in the probe, they could have just asked him.
"Sen. Reid made a number of charges about Sen. Roberts without giving him or me a chance to respond, and then went into closed session. ... It goes a long way to show the level to which politics is dominating procedure here," Bond said.

"This is a concerted effort following the Scooter Libby indictment trying to put a noose around the president's neck, and say that he lied to the American people," Roberts said, adding that his committee's weapons of mass destruction report demonstrated that none of the intelligence analysts said they felt any political pressure.
-Fox News

There are several cliches that come to mind as I read this. One is "Sour Grapes". Another is: "If the Shoe Fits...Wear it".

The Republican controlled Congress is now trying to deflect criticism after a rousing speech made by Senator Reid against the 'cronyism' of the Bush administration. No better term could be used to describe the rampant immorality and beleaguring activities of the White House Administration. Senator's Reid request for a closed session in Congress is now being lambasted as 'extreme' and unnecessary by Republican Congressmen.

I have a secret hope. I have a hope that like Braveheart, Reid and fellow Democrats will rear up and stomp the living shit out of those Republicans that dare defend President Bush and his horrible band of trolls, set on destroying this country for a few bucks and some kind of evil plot. I have a hope that brass knuckles will be brought to the floor, and Bill Frist and Pat Roberts go home with some missing teeth and split lips. More importantly, I hope that this Administration's immoral and deceiving behavior get brought out, once and for all, to the public.

I dare to dream of agencies such as Fox News being shut down entirely. I imagine a country led by women and men of high intellect and great honor, and true patriotic spirit. I pray our troops may come home, before losing more limbs and lives. I envision the only war being fought as one of righteousness, fought right here on our own soil: the People versus the Corrupt.

This country cannot afford another three years under this Administration's regime. The turbulent nature of Congress is a hopeful beginning to radical change. It is time to shut up the Sean Hannity's and the Bill Frists and the Bill O'Reillys and Pat Roberts. It is time to tear down the institutions of hate and deception. It is time for us, you and I, to claim our rights as a militia dead set against corruption of the current administration.

Before, there were women and men brave enough to fight tyranny. They were called 'Rebs', and they won us our freedom. Perhaps we need to remember these soldiers of justice, and what it means to be an American.
Written by FRITZ
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