Sunday, October 16, 2005
Speaking of Being Self-Centered...
Well, I've been accused by an Anonymous of being self-centered. How prophetic! I really am quite wrapped up in Me. Not because I'm anything special, but because I have to put up with myself everyday. If you had to do it, you'd get pretty centered around me, too. But I imagine you have yourselves to worry about.

Oh, that damn P.B.S.! Guess what was on? A documentary about the Amazon Women! A scientist had found bones around the Black Sea in Russia, and the bones were of a tall woman. An arrow was in her body cavity, obviously showing she was killed in battle. She was buried with arrowheads, the typical accoutrements of a warrior. Some DNA was extracted. Then, following Herodotus' writings, our scientist took off for Mongolia, where the Amazons resettled and eventually married into another tribe. And there, amongst a small tribe of nomadic Mongols, a blonde child was found. Blonde. Some DNA was extracted from her. Guess what? It matched the DNA from the skeleton found at the Black Sea. Amazons were real (Duh. See Spinning Girl).

However, let's bring this all back to me. Because I can. Anyway, here I am, blonde, thick boned, thick woman. Not necessarily TALL but certainly not short. Wide, flat feet. Big hips and chest, thick legs. Genetically, I'm attached to the Clan of Ursula. Women! Listen up! We carry DNA that is passed on to all of our children. Men cannot pass this DNA stuff along; only women can. That's how women can trace maternity lines back to Seven Daughters of Eve. Really interesting stuff. Turns out, I'm a she-bear (and I love bears, as you all probably are aware). 95% of European women can trace their roots back to this Clan of Ursula. It originated around the...Black Sea! Just like the Amazons.

The point? Folks, I am the descendant of a race of warrior women, fierce, dominating, strong, and warlike. So, the next time another Blogger starts picking a fight with me, be forewarned. I haven't lost my Ursaline like characteristics. I will gouge, rip, stab, or shoot (metaphorically) anyone who DARES intrude upon my BlogLand! I will not, however, be hacking off my breasts. That would be just be messy.
Written by FRITZ
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