Thursday, October 27, 2005
The Lo-Down, the Warpath, and the Government
I'm on the warpath. I've got my paint on and my tribal headdress. I'm ready to start scalping. I've been humiliated, verbally badgered, and intimidated. I've been shipwrecked. And now?

I'm swearing revenge.

Oh, it's not going to stop with this blog, folks. I'm writing every newspaper in this town. I'm writing the governor, the Georgia Department of Corruption, and the Georgia Department of Labor. I'm calling up news channels. I may even picket. Michael said he'd be with me, and we're going to call the news for coverage. Lookout, Cindy Sheehan. I'm comin' up.

Yesterday was my 'administrative hearing' for unemployment benefits. As we all know, I've been 'denied' them, and set up an appeal. Prior to the hearing, I received documents directing me to be ready with evidence, etc. It was a telephone hearing. I could have a family or friend represent me. I could also hire an attorney, but that was not necessary. Okay. No big deal, right?

The 'phone interview' consisted of some 'admin. hearing officer' in downtown Atlanta. The GDC had an attorney and three witnesses against me. They were all in the room together. I was the only party (I think) on the phone. Thirty-four pages of evidence were entered on the GDC's behalf. I never got a copy of any of it. I didn't know there would be an attorney present for GDC. I didn't know how belittling this process is.

I was told by the attorney that I was 'irresponsible, malicious, immoral, and consciously someone who violated departmental policy'. The admin. hearing officer allowed this attorney to speak to me this way. He asked how old I was, I think to show how my 'youth' made my argument less valid. Evidence was allowed into the hearing that was NOT in the initial grounds of me getting fired. I was completely defenseless. Just the way those fascists wanted me. Ripe for a good ass-whipping.

I ended up crying, CRYING, during the interview. No one stepped in on my behalf--not this admin. hearing officer, not anyone. I hope that one day, each one of those individuals feels the shame and humiliation that I experienced. And unlike me, I hope someone will extend some mercy to them, so that they can wonder how I pulled myself up by my bootstraps.

Georgia, you pushed the WRONG opinionated woman over the edge. And now? Well, now, we're going to find out exactly how often this happens to workers. And just for good measure, I'm contacting the Teamsters. I'm going to ask them to step in on Georgia employees' behalf. This is the LAST time I will ever be treated so unfairly. This is the LAST time I will ever let a corrupt government run ripshod over me. I'm on the warpath, folks.

Of course, what is hilarious is that I got a call for a second interview the same day for another job I REALLY want, working with developmentally disabled adults. Sweet!

Go blow it out your ass, Georgia Department of Corruption.
Written by FRITZ
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