Monday, October 24, 2005
Tour De Fritz
Borrowing from Madge and Monkey, I have invited my readers to take a tour of my home.

The Dining Nook. Rarely used except for placing cat's drinking glass on table and catchall towards garage.
Fritz: Pumpkin Carver Extraordinare!
The Room Where the Magic, not THAT magic. This is where I BLOG. Note spray bottle. That is for the cat, when she decides to walk in front of the screen every five minutes or so.
Ooo! The New Slo-Cooker, a la Michael's parents. Thanks so much! And the coffee pot. Mmmm, coffee. Oh, and what's under the tinfoil? Applecake, from Michael's mom. I've had three peices, today.

oof, silly Blogger is having issues...I must now resort to the Hello Program...

Edit: Because of Blogger's inadequacy to currently do anything right, I've had to continue the tour in separate posts. What is going on with this thing?

Additionally, I have been asked to 'word-ver' my own posts, because I seem to be a spam threat to Blogger. I am having a small conniption fit about this, and Maggie has been stomping about the bedroom. The neighbors are getting upset. BlogSpot, this must end NOW!

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