Wednesday, October 26, 2005
A List of Things that Annoy the Hell out of Me
This is a compilation list, like those tapes we made in seventh grade, holding the recorder up to the radio because we were so ghetto-poor. Or, was that just me? In any case, a few things have happened to me over the past few days that have spawned this list. Bear with me.

1. Dropping my razor in the shower.
2. Losing socks in the dryer (Thanks, Satan).
3. Dirty dishes left in the sink.
4. When my cigarette burns funky and goes out.
5. When I turn on music on the computer and nothing comes out because the volume was mysteriously turned off by SOMEONE else.
6. The sound of airplanes droning in the sky.
7. When the coffee burns
8. When people don't use coasters on nice tables
9. Dry hands
10. When the cat eats my plants
11. When people STOP in the exits of stores
12. Babydoll dresses
13. Beds that aren't made
14. The New York Yankees
15. Cameltoes.
16. The ridiculous fashions of Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten, please start wearing bras.
17. When my nails break
18. People who walk toe-heel, toe-heel
19. Beagles
20. These computer colloquialisms: "ROFL" "LMAO" "LOL" . And ANY emoticon.
21. The overuse of '!'. One will do the trick, I promise.
22. Orlando Bloom.
23. Oh, and in the same vein, Leonardo DeCrappio
24. These bands: Puddle of Crap and Nicklesuck (To get the idea, two kids played one Nicklesuck song through one speaker and a different song through the other speaker. It's the same F#*&ing song! BASTARDS!)
25. Running out of toilet paper while sitting on the throne
26. Late fines at the library
27. Call me narrow-minded on this one: When I am surrounded by any foreign/immigrant family that is speaking in their own language. I REALLY want to know what they are talking about. It's my problem, I know.
28. Hunger. I HATE feeling hungry.
29. Foot impressions on freshly vacuumed carpet
30. The new purse trend
31. When I take my foot off the clutch like an idiot and kill the car.
32. When upset, men saying "Oh, she's on her period, obviously"
33. When the pretty people always win. I mean, look at that show, "My Fair Brady". That woman, Adrianne Curry, is unclassed, uncouth, inexperienced, illiterate, ungracious, unfriendly, and a drunk. Yet, she's pretty. So, she gets to fly to foreign lands and wear overpriced dresses and get swept off her feet. All because she's got a pair of legs. I HATE THAT.

This shall conclude the list for now. However, it is a work in progress. I may have to re-vamp it from time to time.
Written by FRITZ
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