Thursday, October 20, 2005
HNT: Tattoo Meme #2
PLACE: Lower back, on spine
CHRONOLOGY: Symbol in the middle was the first tattoo I ever got at age 18. The rest came in the following year. The complete tattoo is the first entire tattoo on my flesh
MEANING: The symbol in the center is kanji, a Japanese character. The tattoo shop told me it meant 'Jesus', but a Korean friend in college who spoke Japanese said it means 'Happiness'. I can dig it. The bird is the dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The olive branches represent peace and harmony.
TWO DO-DADS ON THE SIDE? Those were the last bits that came with this tattoo, and I'm not particularly happy with them. They are not centered and as I get older, I'm not really sure I like the design. After I am done with all the tattooing I want, I will probably figure out a way to cover these up under another design. Or not. Just goes to show you: you have to think about what you are doing before you go, "Hmm. Yeah, I want THAT on my body forever!" I don't regret getting these little doodads, but I think they could be better.
HOW BIG?: The entire tattoo is about four inches tall and five inches across. I think. I never really see it.

Okay, so that's my HNT. Not as sexy as the last one, but probably not as controversial, either (ie: I'm not lecturing anyone today).
Edit: (I'm not lecturing anyone today on MY blog, but I went and opined on someone else's, and now I'm in deep-Blog-doodoo. Oopsy!)
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