Saturday, October 01, 2005
My Ovaries Are On Strike
One time in college, a friend of mine told me about a campus protest that was going to be held off campus.
"Why's it going to be held off campus?" I asked.
"It's gonna be at the Planned Parenthood," Dave said.
"For what?"
"Protesting abortion."
"But they don't even DO abortions at that clinic. They just hand out condoms and birth control!"
"Well, that's probably just as bad."
It turns out some of those dippy Catholic chicks (well, I did go to a Catholic University) wanted to protest abortion. They all got together in their little plaid skirts and penny loafers and bobby socks and oxford shirts and hiked down to the Planned Parenthood, kind of looking like a scene from Madeline.
What's a confirmed feminist going to do?
Get a purple wig and a tye-dye shirt, and join the protest. Except my sign read in big green letters and pictures of foliage: "FREE THE WEED"
We marched in a circle with these girls, who were so afraid of Dave and I, the two hippies, they couldn't approach us.
Needless to say, we made it into the Omaha World Herald.

Well, now, folks, it's serious. We've got a new chief Justice that is decidedly anti-abortion, and while he says he will uphold the Constitution, I can't help but feel a little twinge down in the basement.
See, women have been the last minority to get most rights recognized. It took until 1970 for us to have some liberation and equality, and even that has been limited. So when only 30 years pass, and women are once again targeted for freedoms and rights, I say: This is a bad step.

Imagine if chief Justice Roberts had belonged to the KKK, because that's his right. He has certain opinions about black people, but he 'swears to uphold the Constitution'. I don't know...I guess I don't think there would be a whole bunch of African-Americans who would be too pleased about him becoming a chief Justice.

Well, ladies, it's the same exact thing. We now must be diligent, and watch the political scenery even closer, because our freedoms will become more challenged as these Bush-appointees are elected and sworn into Offices.
Girls, grab your ovaries and make for your nearest poll booth. It's time for some real action.

(Ani Difranco marches on DC, April 25th, 2004, for the March on Women's Lives)
Written by FRITZ
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