Saturday, September 03, 2005
Guess Who Finally Showed Up and Said Something...
Last night, I asked Michael, "Where the hell is Laura Bush?"
He said, "At home. Where a woman should be."

Au contraire, Michael! Today, I went to CNN.COM, and sure enough, she released a statement. The clip, by the way, was played after an ad for the Army Reserve (by the way, the webpage will totally remind you of a video game--that's how they sucker the kids in). A young black man sits down with his [single:read un-wed?] mother and says, "I found a way to pay for college."
Don't even get me started on THAT crap.

Anyway, then Laura comes on, wearing her traditional white. Her hair is groomed beautifully. She has that whole Good Housekeeping glow about her. She says to the cameras that people need to get ready to help.

She tells a quaint story about a small boy of high school age, after evacuating New Orleans, who started some classes in Texas and two 'big football players came up to him and are showing him about the school and taking care of him!" (That was terrible sentence structure, but I'm too fired up to change it). Aww, isn't that sweet? Texas football boys taking care of skinny black kids who have been evacuated. Doesn't anyone else see how this sickly-sweet bullcrap does nothing but impair the Bush legacy further?

Then, she went on to say that,"Well, as we can see in other disasters, the poor people are generally living in the worst housing conditions and are more vulnerable to these type of things. That's just the way it is."
I don't know, is it just me, or did that sound totally arrogant, elitist, and inappropriate? I can get a little sensitive about this kind of thing. I still don't see why she had to say THAT.

Oh, and another thing.

A lot of people are too race concious. But lemme just say: Yeah, I do think there is a connection between the amount of time it took for feds to get to New Orleans and the race of the people still in New Orleans.

That's right. I think the Americans of color got dissed really hard. And I think it's total bull how Bush 'isn't happy about the amount of time it took' to get help. I think his administration were watching football when it happened. They scratched their balls for awhile. Then, they spat their wad of snuff out. Then, they shined their boots. When they watched TV, one of 'em said, "Well, I guess we oughta get down there and do somethin' for them thar refugees."

That's what I think. I think this was blatant racism and classism. The more I think about it, the angrier I get.
Written by FRITZ
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