Friday, March 14, 2008
Not Ironic
Just really lame and unfortunate.

Firstly, glamorizing pornography is weak. Porn is boring; it all ends similarly. It's degrading, it's unimaginative, it's exploitative, it can be inhumane, it is certainly amoral, and I don't care how 'liberated' a chick you are, it can't be comfortable.

Secondly, people who wear t-shirts that say 'Porn Star' are sad. Most of those people are not porn stars, but want to be porn stars. Wanting to be a porn star is even worse than being a porn star. If you are reading this and you want to be a porn star, go down the street, find a drug dealer, ask him for a lethal dose of whatever it is he is selling, and eliminate yourself from the human race. You are useless. Go away.

Most importantly, the people who should wear these shirts are people who look like this:
Because that would almost be ironic.


*Except for the fact that Karl Rove has managed to fuck us all in the ass, without benefit of a reach-around, and in broad daylight, to the tune of several million dollars of taxpayer money, and (even worse) I could almost guarantee that some of the money probably found its way to a Texas whorehouse or a porno production company because after all, aren't we dealing with the scum of the Earth?
Written by FRITZ
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