Tuesday, October 10, 2006
The Plot Unravels
I'm not going to go into detail. Tits McGee's boyfriend has made things unbelievably clear.

An idiot does not run the country. An evil dictator does.

So, you knew that. Okay, nothin' new there.

But the REAL plot..the so-unbelievable-it's-believable truth has recently been exposed. Michael figured it out in the car an hour ago in rush hour traffic.

Remember these two innocuous figures?

Remember the whole episode where The Brain builds a robot and climbs in its head and becomes an evil dictator? Well, I may have spliced in my own perspective, but essentially, that episode was released. Essentially. Okay, so in the episode that I can't track through the internet because Dead Like Me is on and I want to focus on it, Brain is the one in the robot head, being diabolical and whatnot, and Pinky is bouncing around Brain saying, "Narf!"

In real life, this is what happened. Pinky and the Brain got out, built the robot, and built a second, secretive robot that has some problems with its mechanical circuitry but is a decent stand-in. And Brain, in his scheming, diabolical way, said to Pinky, "Pinky, now GO to the robot and make it talk and walk, and make it convince people that you are a good-hearted dictator with certain folksy foibles." And Pinky said, "Narf!" and followed Brain's directions to a T.



There. I figured it out. Ha! We RULE!
Written by FRITZ
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