Friday, September 01, 2006
Dear Anonymous:
How I love thee for leaving comments on my blog. These elaborate, well-phrased and grammatically succinct comments leave me speechless.
  • I can' believe you are bashing the civil war battlefield. Yes, I guess you are still Immature enuf to do something so attention getting or just thought it sounded cute in your blog. I think you have deep seated psycho problems. Drop the zoloft and get on some librium. Or better yet move up north,if you hate it here so much. ch ch ch changes!!
  • LOL, you go anon.!! Can these people even imagine what it would have been like if Kerry Had WON. And Fritzoid, are you still up to your flaming antics.DOC canned ya, and now you cannot function as a social worker.....Geez! Looks like a pattern here. Do you have any friends left in the real world Fritz. Everyone has a right to believe what they want to, but EA you get mean and dirty. Guess some things never ch ch ch ange.!

Why, I can't help but think this must be another placid government employee working for the Georgia Department of Corrections who is so terribly bored with his/her life that he/she must come and read my blog! I'm honored, really. After all, it's been over a year since I've even seen any of those people and still! One comes by to chat! This is endearing.

And pathetic.

All at once.

Anonymous: here is a fact. You are a coward. Your silly, silly, trite comments are made even more silly and more trite by the fact you cannot produce your name; nay, you cannot spell check or edit your thoughts. You are a fool. Shoo, fly. You pester me.

Here is another fact: Since leaving the GDC and working for another agency, I have gotten a big fat bonus and about four or five accolades from others. One of those accolades came from the Governor. That does not make me a Republican. It does make me a fine social worker.

Third Fact: The way I was fired was dirty. The GDC is dirty. Bureaucratic process is dirty. The job that keeps you mindless, bored and ineffective is dirty. The burgeoning caseload that you carry and cannot honestly have any faith in is dirty. I am neither mean nor dirty. I'm opinionated, educated, liberated, and very much loved by friends and family. I also like to think before I speak. You, sadly, do not.

Fourth Fact: Before you comment again, check yourself. Check your actions, your thoughts, and your beliefs. If they do not line up with mine, then tell me why. Explain it to me. Be brave--put your name on something. If you do not do so, then you stand for nothing. I don't like people who stand for nothing. I stand for something. Shoo, fly, your buzzing is quite a nuisance.

Before I extrapolate any more facts from this argument, I shall close by saying: Anonymous and Friends are no longer permitted to comment on my blog. This is not because I am 'nervous' about them. It is not because I don't know how to handle them. It is because they waste my time--I have friends in the blogosphere and friends in real life, family in real life, who have decent feedback to give me. Not all agree with me. But all respect me and I respect them.

Anonymous? GDC? DOC? Bureaucracy? I have no respect for any of it, and that is because I know what works and what doesn't. But then again, I'm just a smart Yankee Liberal woman. And I got myself a damn fine life. Why don't you, Dear Anonymous, go get one, yourself?

Written by FRITZ
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