Wednesday, July 26, 2006
The First Wedding Gift
Welcome to my office. This is where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean on-line shopping. Sometimes, working. More often than not, blogging. Researching knitting patterns. You catch my drift. Upon my chair rests a tube. It is not the London Tube, nor the Metro. It is a simple white tube used to deliver fragile goods. Photographs, for example. It is my very first wedding gift, and I am thrilled to see it there, resting oh-so-patiently on my rather uncomfortable computer chair.
What's this? Upon opening the tube, I come across a note. A note written so beautifully and so neatly, I can only think of one person who has the extreme patience and dexterity to letter as such. I can only think of a librarian.Ah! Yes! A family of dynamic individuals! Photographers, librarians, mercenaries and civil activists! It could only be from MADGE of the DUCK MOTIF. And what a motif it is.
Madge and her fantastically wonderful Significant Other (his name his Steve, I hope he won't mind me saying so...) were kind enough to share this gift of Steve's with Michael and myself. Now, people, when we look at the photograph that I admired a few weeks ago, do not only look at the lines and minimalism. Also: understand that Steve developed this in his own darkroom. Additionally, the picture was taken with a toy camera. This photo is more than lines. It is truly an accomplishment, and one that Michael and I will enjoy for many years. Additionally, Steve's work will be shown at a Florida gallery in the near future.

Please pardon my 'framing'--it had just sprung out of the tube packaging.
Very faintly on the back of the photo, Steve has signed it. Now, I did not take a photo of his signature because it was such a faint one, and I don't want anyone to take credit for Steve's name. Instead, you can also see how Steve kindly named this photo 'Elizabeth & Michael 1/1'. No, that does not mean we are handicapped. Perhaps, he did not 'title' the photo 'Elizabeth & Michael', but I would like to think so. Next time it's printed, it might be 'Parking in Wheels' or 'The Lines Drawn' or something else profound and intellectual. Meanwhile, this is an original piece done just for Michael and I. We are more than thrilled with it.
I have not yet found the appropriate frame for this work. It will have to be done just so--acid-free matting and all that, plus a good border to highlight the lines of this work. I believe when it is done, it will accompany my churches I've kept in the bedroom. A collaboration of work. For payment, I shall be knitting two hats. Perhaps I can convince Michael to reproduce one of his works. It would be in keeping with the theme of photography.

In closing, I shall say this:
Not only is the work phenomenal, but more importantly, the friendship behind it. Madge and I have been posting on one another's site since late last year. We have created a bond via the Internet, and I am so thankful. Never have I met a more happy-go-lucky and intensely kind woman. Madge has a playful ability to laugh at her life and events therein, but also see the beauty of all things great and small. It is obvious that Steve is much the same. Madge, darling, you are an inspiration and a friend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift--our very first wedding gift.

(No, no, we're not married YET, it's just that this seems APPROPRIATE...) Posted by Picasa
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