Monday, July 24, 2006
Stupid Drunk People
Aw, look! The grass plant at the end of Fritz's driveway has been uprooted! How sad! Fritz wonders how this could have happened.
When Fritz looks closer, she sees that the huge iron fence has also been knocked down--just like the plant! What kind of madness is this?
It must have taken somthing HUGE and FORCEFUL and STUPID to do this. Trees have been knocked over, as well. Strangely, there are no skid marks indicating a desperate attempt to brake. Hmmm. Fritz is curious.
Who needs brakes when one can use a three hundred thousand dollar townhome to stop a car? Aw. Poor neighbor! Poor, poor neighbor who thought that owning a home at the end of a street would insure quiet and safety. Guess again, poor neighbor!

Poor Fritz and Michael; they did not hear the subsequent vomiting, cursing, or sirens. Twenty feet away they slept in complete tranquility, unaware of the stupid drunk person who pulled this off. Poor Fritz who briefly thought about parking her Scion at the end of the driveway; she realized later this sad accident could have been the way out of a very high car payment. Fritz has decided she will start parking her car near the curb, so that the next stupid drunk person doing a stupid stunt like this will hit her car and Fritz will potentially save a tree or two.

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Written by FRITZ
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Name: Fritz

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