Tuesday, May 23, 2006
In China, a Marine is walking around thinking about his wife...
...who is somewhere in Wisconsin or Illinois....
And just gave birth to a baby girl.
Whose name is Anne Gordon Doring.
(Gordon is a family name--something rich people give their children generation after generation).

While Anne Gordon is eating her birthday cake, she gets her first labor pains. Ages later, she gives birth to a hugely oversized daughter who was supposed to be born in April but didn't get the memo. But that's a story for tommorrow.

Meanwhile, Anne Gordon, my mother, turns 61 today. She looks like she's 45. Probably because she doesn't smoke. And is thin. And gorgeous. And funny. And nice and sweet and wierd and loudmouthed and she drives my dad nuts.

Say 'Happy Birthday' to my mom. She deserves it.
Go take a peek at a link about her and her artwork. It's amazing stuff.
Written by FRITZ
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