Friday, November 18, 2005
Gettin' Carried Away

I realize the whole scanner thing is going to get old for my readers pretty quick, so I'll be slowing down, soon. But first, I did want to introduce all of you friends to the most beautiful woman in the world. That's my momma, with her mouth wide open. This is a genetic trait, as my mouth is often wide open, as well. There I am, looking askance at some chick playing with my xylophone. My mother is probably saying something like, "You actually got a toy AWAY from Fritz? Holy cow!"

Momma--we're getting older, now.
We still hold hands and laugh.
But we're getting older, now.

Soon, I'll be a married woman. I'll be all grown up.
You'll cry at the wedding, and remember your own wedding.
You'll remember being a girl, too.

I'll remember your hair tickling my face as a little babe,
wrapped up in swaddling, wrapped up against my Momma,
the safest place in the whole world.

The other day, we visited, and I taught you some new things
Just like how you taught me to read at age three,
and taught me how to draw, and taught me how to speak well.

It makes me a little sad, and a little happy.
We're both growing up.
But I know one thing for sure--
you're the only Momma
who could love me they way you do.
You're the only Momma
who is the prettiest Momma in the whole world.

I can't tell you how much I love you and all of our wonderful memories.
Written by FRITZ
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