Tuesday, September 06, 2005
What I am Very Sad About
Yes, New Orleans is a disaster.

Yes, everyone is blaming everyone else, and meanwhile, people are dying. A lot of people.

This is tragic.

As I looked at CNN.com (again), I started to get all teary-eyed about the abandoned animals. When the story broke on Wednesday or whenever it was, the first thing I could think about (sadly enough) was: "What about all the pets?"

There are a lot of dead pets in New Orleans. A lot of people were seperated from their furry friends, and cats and dogs were left to sink or swim. Many animals have died due to dehydration and starvation. Other animals drowned. The plumbing failed, so fresh water was out of the question.

In Gulfport, Mississippi, the Aquarium suffered great losses. For the faint of heart, be careful looking at this next picture. It is a sea lion that was abandoned. If you are crying, that's okay, because I bawled for an hour. Over an animal.

If you are a gazillionaire who desires to help out the little furry friends, please donate to


I know most of you, if you are like me, probably don't have a lot of money to donate, and if you do, you probably want to help humans out, first. That's understandable.

But whatever you do, tonight, pick up your pet (if you have one you can pick up) and give him/her a hug. Snuggle with your friend until they bite, clip, or maim you. You just never know if you'll ever have to make such a horrible decision as leaving your pet behind.

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