Monday, September 05, 2005
An Ode To This Man, My Heart, on His Birthday

Today is Michael's Birthday. He is turning 37 years old. As you can see in the picture, he acts like a seventeen year old, so we are perfect together. Just perfect.
In keeping with the spirit of ode-writing, I felt it would be a nice gift to publish a piece for him, my heart, my joy, my effervescence hope of life.

Without further ado, I give you:
An Ode to Michael on His Birthday.

I. The Darkness

In the beginning, there was Darkness, and the darkness
silhouetted the Light, and shadows emerged, and I could not see
one from the other.
And only the shadows heard my prayers.
From the depths of the darkness, I called out to you, and you heard me.
From afar, you heard me.
And all the Cosmos opened up and lit upon me with heat and starlight,
and I saw a Sun approach, burning bright and hot the shadows faint.
Burning bright and hot.
And then--


II. Meetings

I met Michael in a hallway.
He lived right next door to me, Right Next Door.
I had heard him through the walls, like a little scuffling friend;
his face a mystery to me until that day in the hall.
I was talking to a friend. We stood
in front of my door, and here came this great
lumbering man with shoulders the size of an ox's, with hands as broad
as an acre, with a smile as impish as a gnome.
And lo, we spoke.
And as we spoke, and I spoke loudest, Michael heard me.
Michael heard me more distinctly than any person who's known me.

On late nights, Michael brought me pizza, food, gifts.
I did not know what they were, I did not know the company I kept.
But we sat in my tiny studio apartment and listened to the ceilings creak and
talked of politics-unions-healthcare-the decline of culture.
Or, I spoke, and he listened, and agreed.
And when he left the room, I missed him. My soul missed him.

Magically, we embarked on the most frightening journey of all--
The journey of relationships. We sought out one another and were silent together.
After some time, we went of photography trips.
I grew jealous of his talent with the camera-because that is who I am.
But the jealousy did not grow to a tumor, never that.
Michael kept me close and happy. Michael made me laugh.

And then, one day, the kiss.
And all the world changed.
And then, one day, the embrace.
And all the world changed--forever.

III. Spiritus Mundi

When my spirit departs this world and joins the space
beyond the sky, I will float about his head, and hope he sees
a halo of joy.

When the world opens up its maw and spews forth
vinegar anger, I will gather him in my arms and whisper
happy cries.

When we are both tired, and weary, and think we can go no further,
We shall sit next to one another, and rest our bones upon the other,
and feel the skin of each other, and thank the Spirit for the gift
we have been given.

Forever, he and I will forgive.
Forever, he and I will love.
Forever, he and I will defeat the sins of our pasts,
The skeptics of our future.

IV. Simplicity

When you snore
in the midst of night
I cannot help but laugh

When you sit in the dark
with only the t.v. for a light
I worry for your eyes.

When you load the dishwasher
it's never really full,
so I must re-load and redesignate.

And when I see you for the first time
in the morning
I am so in love, so in love.

But when we fall asleep,
your covers overlapping mine,
that is when I know
My heart has found its home.

V. Fini

The fire and the rose are one, Dear Michael.
Our hearts are both on fire
Our hearts are organs of fire
for one another.

Time will continue to float by.
We'll get old and one day, die.
For now, my love, I yearn for you,
even now, this morning, as you lay asleep.
Your eyes are liquid heat;
I cannot wait to see you
for the rest of my life.
I cannot wait to be
your loving, faithful wife.

Happy Birthday, my hero, my kindred,
my gentle man of desire.
Written by FRITZ
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