Sunday, September 18, 2005
Standing At the Edge...
Okay, here goes. Another desperate cry for attention.

The Blogathon Ode.

('Round the campfire sits: Spinning Girl, Monkey, BOBI, Dane, Bobby, Calzone, Sleep Goblin, Monica, CG, Kitty, CRUSH you, Madge...Some other people who I've sure forgotten, oh! And my Mom, who's generally Anon Mom).

(In this mental picture, I'm wearing wings and a Valkyrie helmet)

I sing:
"Oh! Weary friends with too much time!
Come closer now, and feed, and dine! For Fortune's thread
runs so long,
and it is time for the Blog Song!"
(Cheers erupt. Sing song to the tune of "The Worms Go In, the Worms Go Out")

"For people who are thought of as dorks,
there is a place for us to consort.
We write about our silly lives
occasionally, we tell some lies!

BOBI drinks and so does Dane
and their audios are arcane.
We all look forward to Spinning Girl
who's blogs take all for a whirl.

We laugh our heads off at Monkey
and think Calzone is kinda funky.
We get some kicks from Sleep Goblin
and chuckle at the Travelin' Frog.

And the blogs roll in and the blogs roll out
Up your monitor and out your snout.

Heather is an Irish Saint
Her hair is red like the paint
that decorates my living room floor
However, I can say no more.

I know I'm jobless, and it shows
Because I sit around and write odes
to people that I hardly know!

CG, I think, is a spy
and Monica her husband despises (I know it didn't rhyme, shuddup)
I never get tagged by anyone at all
But that's okay, because in my head you all like me best (now, I'm struggling).

CRUSH you is something of a freak
I wonder if he eats kids as treats.
I can't believe I've stooped this low
to get more folks to come to my show.

In the end, all you I adore,
Madge and northerners from all corners.
My Mom stops by and hits some threads
I think some of what I write, she secretly dreads.

And Michael, of course, is a pet
for reading this, and thinking I'm best.
Now, I have to wrap this up,
because you're all getting sick of this ode, like I am.

Now, I have to go and link all of you. What a pain. Cheers! Hope you all liked it.
Written by FRITZ
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