Friday, July 29, 2005
Upon Being Rejected as a Team Member...and Being a Reject, in General
So, I posted to my friend Katie and Anna. Anna's website is and Katie's is I asked to be a member with them, and I have been rejected. I have been rejected because I am an only child and not a member of their sorority. This is too bad.

Why, this has been the second time this week I've been rejected. I asked my lesbian friend if she and her girlfriend would like to go out to dinner with Michael and I, but since I'm not cool anymore, having settled down with a man and what not, she's rejected me.

I am listening to a new mix I made. It's all scratching. DJing before MCing became more important. I could go into a whole rant about how Hip-Hop is now lost in the circles of Puff Daddy and the like; the marketers of rap. It's a shame that some of the most talented folks who started on the edge of Hip-Hop have been blackballed out because of the benjamins and bling. I'm listening to DJ Q'bert, Mix Master Mike, the Xecutioners, DJ Shadow. I have a wide range of musical preferences, most of which is underground, independent, and not groupie wannabe punk. And if Anna or Katie IS reading this (which they won't be, because they've rejected me like a pair of smelly socks), I HATE FRED DURST. Nasty, raunchy, porno-making sicko...He looks like someone who would have a venereal disease but would never tell a partner. Ick.
But they met him, so maybe they have some insider scoop on him. Insider scoop..ha! eww...
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