Wednesday, October 25, 2006
I Saw The Number Five
Last night, I had a dream.

I dreamed I walked through secret hallways, hallways filled with doors. Some of the doors were locked, and a custodian had to open them. The doors led to more doors, and hallways of doors, and L-corners of doors. The doors were white, black, wood, solid, glassed. Some of the doors were half-doors, tinted doors, swinging doors.

And eventually, all these doors led to a train platform, and I waited for a train to take me away from this lighted place of doors. The platform sat adjacent to the ocean, and the water was calm, and the sun was bright. And I didn't want to leave.

In dreams, doors symbolize changes of conciousness. One is entering or exiting different states of spirituality. Locked doors mean life has become stagnant. Open doors means life is moving. And while some of my doors were locked, they were unlocked by assistance. Friends. Co-workers.

In dreams, a sun symbolizes peace of mind, tranquility, happiness, and radiating energy.

It is strange when dreams point me in the direction I should be going. Perhaps I'll take this under advisement--move forward, open my eyes, open my soul, grow in and grow up. I'm going to find that place of tranquility, and it may just force this writing process along.

The writing is dying in the womb. I need to go open some doors.
Written by FRITZ
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